Where do I find the caretakers?

The office of Mr. Brunner and Mr. Steger is located on the ground floor of Block A, entrance 109. Since you have to consult the caretakers when you move in (or out!), most of you should already know where to find them. It may sometimes happen that both caretakers are away from the office, so try again later. Our friendly and helpful caretakers always support you with your problems. You can ask them for and about almost anything bothering you. Just be reasonable, polite and describe your problem clearly.

Working hours

Monday to Friday

07:00 - 12:00 Uhr

13:00 - 15:20 Uhr

The caretakers provide the following services

  • Small repairs
  • Open your door in emergencies (during working hours)
  • Ordering craftsmen (Sanitary, Electric, Etc.)
  • Provide lightbulbs
  • Air filters for bathroom and toilet have to be changed once per semester. Those are provided by the caretakers.

... and much more!

Only in emergencies (e.g. flood in your kitchen or no water)

You can find the private phone numbers of the caretakes on the notice-board in the entrance of your building.