About the network in the dormitory

Every room has a network socket where you can connect your device through an ethernet-cable. The connection is capable of providing up to 1 Gigabit. Own routers or the creation of subnetworks is not allowed.

Important: Your device must be set to DHCP.

WLAN is provided throughout the whole dormitory. The network is called eduroam and is part of the international initiative for internet in educational institutions. The setup is identical to the process for the university network and can be completed by following the instructions of KiZ.

For all devices not supporting eduroam (WPA-Enterprise) the public WLAN public-wohnhaus is additionally provided.

If possible, you should deactivate the visibility options of your smart devices, otherwise other residents may have access to your devices.

Filesharing and hosting is not tolerated. Violations will be trackable and will be prosecuted.

My Internet access is blocked

If your computer or your account has been blocked due to virus infection or misuse of Internet access (e.g. P2PTV, violation of copyright) you should contact the network tutors in this dormitory with your room number and a detailed report about what has happened.